How to Post a Job on Harri

2016 has been a very busy year for the Harri Team! We have been working hard over the past few months for you to source, hire and manage your staff as efficiently as possible. So far, we have made some great strides in the process and a more seamless experience for you recruit top talent through our system.  It all begins with a job post, the gateway into your company's culture and the opportunity to join your team! 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Post a Job:

1) Once on our homepage, choose "Find Talent", then on the top right-hand corner go to "Dashboard" 

2) Once on your Dashboard choose the "Hiring" tile (third from the left)

3) Choose "Post a Job" from the "I Want To" drop down menu.  Add the respective restaurant or brand where the job is being posted. 

4) Use the drop down menu to add the position or choose a unique title.  Then add years of Experience required, Skills, Availability, Start time, Compensation, and Job Description.  Choose to schedule an open call (or not) and add first interview question, then you may to post immediately or schedule it for later. 

5)  Choose to send over job description/post to various members of your team (HR, Managers) for approval or to share.  You may choose to save the job post as a draft or a template for future use.  If you have enough credits allotted to your account then you can "Publish Job" or "Save Draft" and "Buy More Credits".

What Makes Us Different:

There will always be a need for employees in the hospitality industry.  No one has the patience to post the same job, over and over again.  This is where Harri makes it easy for you.   Our system allows you to save job position descriptions and skills/requirements as a template for quick one-click reposting.  

Harri's Hospitality Career Fair in LA



Incredible FT and PT opportunities available for FOH, BOH and Management talent. Participating brands include:

  • The SLS Hotel
  • Mendocino Farms
  • Greystone Manner
  • Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse
  • Nobu
  • BOA Steakhouse
  • Soho House
  • And MANY more!

All applicants must RSVP online in order to unlock location and job openings:

Employers, if you want to participate in our Hospitality Career Fair in LA, contact Jeremy, Harri's Business Development Manager (West Coast) at



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How To Create a Harri Portfolio


Over the past few months the Harri team has been working hard at creating tools to make finding a new job a whole lot easier. We innovated to go beyond the stale resume and updated a few features to empower you to showcase yourself while networking and finding your next great opportunity. Creating Your Portfolio:

This is what we like to call a one-and-done. When you register for a Harri account, you create a digital portfolio that showcases your skills, experience, and personality as a hospitality professional. Once this is complete, you can apply for jobs with a single click. You can always update your portfolio as you grow your skills and experiences.

Editing your portfolio:

  1. From the top navigation bar go to the Menu and click ‘My Profile’
  2. Once on your profile, click the ‘Edit’ button
  3. Using the tabs on the left, edit the information in each category
  4. Make sure to give some extra love to the media section. Employers are twice as likely to view job seekers with full and complete portfolios

How to Create a Harri Portfolio:


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Managing Applicants and Group Messaging


Managing Applicants: Using our revolutionary SpeedyScreen™, you’re quickly able to screen applicants by viewing applicants' work experience and availability all in one glance. As an added bonus you can see applicants' personalities through their pictures, 3-word description, and their cover letter videos. Effortlessly sort candidates into groups: Applicant, Proceed, Interview, Hired and Pass.  After reviewing applications, you can send messages to each group, inviting all qualified candidates to an interview or giving them additional details  Then for any candidates you pass on, utilize group messaging to send them a customized rejection letter. 

Categorizing Your Applicants:

  1. From your Dashboard select the job you wish to review applicants for

  2. Click on the first application to enter SpeedyScreen

  3. After reviewing their details, use the buttons under their image to make them a candidate, pass, or schedule an interview.

  4. Click on the right arrow to review the next applicant.

Once you’ve sorted through applications, you’re able to send messages to each group of candidates.

Sending Group Messages:

  1. Check the box next to the group you wish to communicate with

  2. An icon will appear for you to take action on the group

  3. Click on the icon and enter your message

  4. Send away!

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How To Search & Apply For Jobs on Harri


Searching & Applying for Jobs: When it comes to the job hunt, you don’t just want to find any ol’ job. You want to work for a company that you love in a position where you can thrive. On Harri, employers create company profiles to help show you their company culture and work atmosphere to make sure you would be a great fit. Once you’ve found that perfect job, the next step is to apply. It’s always best to stand out from the crowd, which is why you’re able to send an introductory video and answer a screening question to help you put your best foot forward.

To search for jobs:

  1. Click on ‘Jobs’ from the right of your navigation bar
  2. Use the filters on the left to narrow down the search results
  3. Select a job to view more details about both the company and position
  4. If you want to be a part of the team, click on ‘Apply’ to answer a screening question, upload a resume, and confirm you have the necessary skills

How to Search for Jobs:


How to Apply For Jobs:

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